JSP Tag Library for SAP



  • A working J2EE appserver (may we suggest Tomcat ?) supporting at least JSP 1.2.
  • A working SAP R/3 system are relative credentials (logon, password).
  • The SAPjco connection library from SAP. You need to be a SAP customer in order to download the library, and to have a valid OSS account. You can download it here.


The SAPJco installation is explained in detail in the Download from SAP: put the sapjco.jar file in the path of the classloader of your app. server (for example /usr/local/apache-tomcat-6.0.14/lib) and the linked libraries (.so) in the /usr/bin directory (or for Windows, put the DLL's in C:/WINDOWS).

Do NOT include sapjco.jar in your WAR file - otherwyse Tomcat will complain.


In your web application, Copy the saptags.jar file in the library path (usually yourproject/libs) and the saptags.tld file in the web path (for example, in yourproject/web/).

To use the library, include it in your jsp page, like this:

<%@taglib uri="saptags.tld" prefix="sap" %>